Alexis Hiltunen, CEO

By students, for students

Meet Alexis, a co-founder of DormSpace (aka DSpace). Her personal experience as a student and athlete at Princeton University inspired her to create a solution for the common problem of discomfort and lack of quality sleep in dorm rooms.

She knew that having a good night's sleep is essential for academic and personal success, and she wanted to help students everywhere achieve this. She put herself in the shoes of her target customers, testing the prototype herself in her own dorm room. This hands-on approach allowed her to make any necessary adjustments and improvements to ensure that the final product met the goal standards for comfort and quality.

She put her ideas into motion, bringing together a team of experts in design, engineering, and manufacturing to bring her vision to life. The result is DSpace, a company dedicated to improving the sleeping experience for students everywhere.

Whether you're a student yourself or just looking for a comfortable and affordable solution for your sleep needs, DSpace is the perfect choice. We invite you to join us on our mission to help everyone get the quality rest they deserve.

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